Steps to follow to take unflavoured nicotine Australia

The highest quality nicotine on the marketplace. Each jar is tested from the packet, purged argon & sealed within a high electrical durability, compound BoPET Mylar pouch for safe transport and storage. Mix Wizard free-base Nicotine100 milligrams perhaps not for immediate use, it takes a dilution. Shake it well before using please make certain! Always prevent skin as nicotine is easily absorbed, wear rubber gloves during clean & handling up any spills or drips immediately. Support the container mix wizard firmly closed, and hold children & pets out of sight

Substance addict. Highly contaminated or swallowed in contact with skin. If on skinClean gently with loads of soap & water. Should required: call a poison center or immediately request a doctor/physician for medical advice. The 100-mg Combination Wizard Nicotine free base will maintain a 100 percent (PG) Propylene Glycol base. We aren’t offering custom VG / PG bases as of the time, nor even a VG Only base.


Store your liquid in a cold area, away from organic light for longer-lasting nicotine. We indicate a freezer, however, just when it is not readily available for children. Both container and also the nicotine in it must be disposed of safely by regulations and government.

Among many product is really ez mix nicotine that’s just a liquid Nicotine get designed to keep DIY secure! This consists of nicotine especially Formulated for Doublers is ideal for mixing in with your 0 g boosters or from the DIY e liquid recipe. Within our nicotine solution probably comprises the highest-grade nicotine only on the market, each bottle has been analyzed in batch, and purged with argon. It works Mix Nicotine at a 1:1 ratio twice the force that you wish to vape & insert it as much as your doubler.

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